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1 Sep 19, 2022
An Optimized Routing Technique using Predictive Approach of Link Reliability in FANET

In this paper our objective is to develop an optimized routing which is based on past behavior based route reliability prediction to enhance network performance of the Flying ad hoc network (FANET). The network reliability prediction is based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) current energy, per packet energy utilization, receiving signal strength, speed and location. All the criteria help to decide which route is most reliable for future communication. The optimized routing uses the ad hoc on demand distance vector (AODV) with the above given factors and a new routing protocol has been developed which is known as predictive approach of link reliability (PALR). Proposed PALR routing is simulated through the network simulator-2 and compared with existing routing of OLSR and AODV. In the Results section, the outcome of the protocols such as percentage of link reliability, link failure, energy usage, distance between UAVs to base stations/UAVs and signal strength were compared to all protocols by the above outcome parameters and concluded that the proposed PALR routing decision Provides greater reliability in terms of lower energy consumption, higher signal strength, which maintains sufficient QoS of FANET....

Authors: Vinay Yadav, Anoop Kumar Chaturvedi.


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